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Why must you scrub your skin?

You just have to scrub your skin in the right way and suit your own skin type. Because if you scrub your skin carelessly, irritation and skin problems may occur as a result. Factors such as age or dry skin can make it more difficult for

Wash your skin makeup thoroughly.

Cosmetics contain chemicals that may irritate the skin. Whether it’s paint, perfume or alcohol. It also has a thick texture and waterproof properties to make it long lasting. Removing makeup with facial cleansing foam or gel alone may not be enough. Because if you don’t wash it off completely,

Oily face, what should I do?

How you deal with oily face may depend on the cause of your oily skin? Because if your face is oily from genetics or hormones. It may be quite difficult to deal with and fix it. Because it is something that cannot be predicted and prevented. Moreover, The different

Causes of Melasma.

Melasma is a skin condition that appears as brown spots on the skin from the body producing too much pigment. The cause is not yet clear. But the most common cases are caused by UV rays and increased levels of certain female hormones. The cause of melasma

6 easy ways to reduce blood pressure. You can do it yourself.

6 easy ways to reduce blood pressure. You can do it yourself. high blood pressure It is a disease that occurs mainly because of lifestyle habits. Therefore, if you want to reduce blood pressure, taking care of yourself is important.  Today ยูฟ่าเบท brings 6 simple methods that actually

Giving away radish recipes to cure cough and expel phlegm

Radish, properties to cure cough, can reduce sugar Radishes are root crops in the family Cruciferae, classified in the turnip family. Native to China by Emeritus Professor Dr. Passakij Wannavibool, modern medicine An expert in traditional Chinese medicine explains in the book “Healing Sickness, Good Health with Chinese Food

Passion fruit, avant-garde, good benefits

Passion fruit can be both sour both good benefits  Passion fruit is a fruit that many people love. with a mellow sour taste Importantly. It is also rich in vitamin C. But besides that also has other properties. Plenty more.  Is another type of fruit. that we know each other very

aloe vera Highly beneficial herbs near the body.

aloe vera Highly beneficial herbs close to the body, reduce sugar, take care of the oral cavity aloe vera It’s another herb close to you. That are often found in various homes. The properties that we often use are paste on blisters. But in fact This kind of herb is more useful