Why must you scrub your skin?

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You just have to scrub your skin in the right way and suit your own skin type. Because if you scrub your skin carelessly, irritation and skin problems may occur as a result. Factors such as age or dry skin can make it more difficult for the skin to renew itself. Dead skin cells then stick together until the skin looks rough, dull, and pores may become clogged, which can cause acne . Scrubbing the skin helps remove dirt and dead outer skin cells. Makes the skin look brighter beauty and smooth again.

Instructions for scrubbing the skin.

Skin experts recommend skin scrubbing methods that are appropriate for each type of skin as follows:UFABET

  • Acne-prone skin Gently exfoliating your skin can help prevent new acne from forming. Scrubbing your skin too harshly can make it easier to get acne. This is because the skin may become inflamed and cause acne-causing bacteria to grow better.
  • Dark skin: People with this type of skin should be careful while exfoliating their skin. Because inflammation and dark spots may occur, resulting in uneven skin color. which is difficult to make the skin return to its original smoothness and beauty  
  • Sensitive skin: Scrubbing can irritate the skin. A scar is formed. and can peel off This can cause the skin to become inflamed, dry and sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, you should moisturize your skin every time after scrubbing your skin. To increase moisture and prevent such skin problems.