Wash your skin makeup thoroughly.

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Cosmetics contain chemicals that may irritate the skin. Whether it’s paint, perfume or alcohol. It also has a thick texture and waterproof properties to make it long lasting. Removing makeup with facial cleansing foam or gel alone may not be enough. Because if you don’t wash it off completely, it may cause clogged pores and acne as a result. Therefore, if you put on makeup regularly, Don’t forget to use a makeup remover to remove all makeup before washing your beauty face as normal. To prevent blockage and skin irritation.

Use quality facial cleansing equipment.

Nowadays, facial washing equipment is commonly used for deeper cleaning. But for safety You should buy and use products that are reliable. Made from materials that do not cause harm to the skin. For those with sensitive skin. You should consult your doctor before using these devices. In addition, general equipment such as cotton pads used for removing makeup should be selected with a fine-grained type. The surface is not rough. To prevent facial irritation UFABET

Do not use warm water to wash your face.

Using high-temperature water to wash your face may help soothe. Many people think that very hot or warm water will help open up pores and reduce blockage. But in reality Water that is too hot will wash away the natural lipids that act as a protective barrier on the skin, causing to become unbalanced. Causes dry, peeling, thin, or burning skin. Especially in people with dry skin  , you should only use warm water that has the right temperature to wash your face.