Passion fruit, avant-garde, good benefits

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Passion fruit can be both sour both good benefits 

Passion fruit is a fruit that many people love. with a mellow sour taste Importantly. It is also rich in vitamin C. But besides that also has other properties. Plenty more. 

Is another type of fruit. that we know each other very well with a sour taste But did you know that has more benefits than you think.

high fiber 

Rich in dietary fiber. thus helping to clean the intestines In addition. The American Heart Association Institute also said that fiber helps lower cholesterol and strengthens the heart. 

boost immunity

As said, high in vitamin C. Thus helping to strengthen immunity which is important in this epidemic era 

nourish the heart

Passion fruit is high in potassium. and low in sodium thus helping to take care of the heart as well as being rich in dietary fiber, thus reducing cholesterol in the blood These properties are to reduce the risk of heart disease. and control the pressure to normal

reduce stress

In passion fruit, there is magnesium. which has been confirmed by research to reduce stress and anxiety It also helps relax the muscles in the body as well. 

rich in antioxidants

Passion fruit is rich in antioxidants. Which is very useful because it helps reduce the risk of many serious diseases. Especially with the brain and nervous system. as well as reducing the incidence of inflammation of the cells when combined Therefore, passion fruit helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. including cancer

It’s very useful. and still taste good Let’s go find to eat better. It will be eaten fresh. or will be processed into jam It can be fermented passion juice. ufabet