About Me

the art in my banner was drawn by my amazingly talented friend britt who you can find at holoske. my banner was made by my brilliant friend jess thank you so much ladies ❤ i love you both so very much. you’ve made my site look creative and amazing.

boring stuff first: i post one to two reviews a day 🙂 my schedule is 6 and 10 am EST.

now onto the fun stuff which is me talking about the greatness which is me.

my name is amanda and i review books for fun. i’m a black american, 30 year old single mom and you can find me constantly adding to my ever growing book list on goodreads. when i’m not reading i enjoy playing video games, chatting with friends, and napping. i love naps as much as i love breathing.

i have a 7 year old daughter so sleep is a HUGE privilege nowadays. i’m also starting to get into gardening a bit which is an adventure into ‘why the fuck won’t you grow strawberries’.

i’ve always loved reading but i have to be honest i really got into goodreads and reviewing books this past year partly as a screw you to my anxiety and depression. i refuse to let it get over it and slowly and resiliently i am winning this battle. it feels good to put my thoughts into words everyday, no matter how small the audience is and how slow it grows daily.

i read anythingg. i love horror ofc, murder mysteries, thrillers, chick lits, romance, young adult, historical fiction. i admit i haven’t read much of sci fi or fantasy but I would love to get into it! i also created and mod a book club which has grown to 75 members since its inception in january. it’s my baby besides my own human baby:

welcome to the book parade

my other hobbies include writing, anime, video games, attacking my friends on twitter, hoarding candles, summoning the spirits.

this girl…she can do anything.

anyway, welcome one and all! my blog is imperfect like me but with each review and post I hope you take something from it.

The fact that I am awesome as hell.

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