Manga Review: My Hero Academia [Boku No Hero Academia 1] by Kohei Horikoshi

So I used to do a thing called Series of the Week every Fridays but seeing as I don’t read many series I’m going to change that to Series of the Month instead.

So now we are going to do Manga/Comic Fridays.

I read a lot of Manga/Comic Books and Ive found plenty of them on Kindle Unlimited so I’m really excited to do this and I hope you all get something from this as well!

My first installment of this is an ARC of a very popular anime/manga called

My Hero Academia

Fantasy became reality

You too can become a hero. In a world where crime is rampant and superheroes are born, Izuku Midoriya is a bit of an oddity.

He is quirkless but still longs to be a hero. Otaku to those with quirks, Deku has big dreams of going to UA Academy, the best superhero school around. But how can he when he lacks any power of his own?

His future changes when his path collides with the biggest superhero there is, All Might. This chance encounter shows him that even the Quirkless are special and if you put your mind to it any and everything is possible.

I’ve watched My Hero Academia for awhile so I knew the gist of it long before I read the manga so while I wasn’t surprised by anything in this comic I was happy to rehash it. This is a fun and special read, unique in its own way with that special fun Shonen quality with plenty of action and laughs.

Izuku is a cute/nerdy character that make him oh so adorable. My favorite though has to be All Might especially when he transforms into his weakened mode. He looks like a desiccated Yugi Muto from Yugi-oh and I’m just loving it.

This is an enjoyable read with plenty of characters that’ll keep you interested until the end and have you wanting more. And trust, you will get it.

Thank you to Netgalley and Viz Media for this copy of my ARC.

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

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