Manga Review: Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 1 by Gege Akutami

If I had died, or I had been the only to live the future wouldn’t be as bright.

There is something to be said about shonen manga. It can be too much at times. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for constant action or an array of characters you know you’ll never be able to keep up with. When done right however it can blow you away and keep you engaged throughout the entire volume, nonstop battle scenes be damned. This is one such manga and I am so happy that I requested to read it and that I was approved for it.

I had never heard of Jujutsu Kaisen before and when I first started reading I was strongly reminded of the early volumes of Bleach that I devoured voraciously. Those were the days when Ichigo Kurosaki first became a Soul Reaper and spent his days hunting down Hollows.

Jujutsu Kaisen follows Yuuji Itadori a high school student who is also a member of the Occult Club whixh is cool as fuck. Of course at the Occult Club they do the most Occultish thing possible and unseal a talisman which is a rotting finger (metal as fuck) whixh attracts Curses to the school. Curses are creatures that are attracted through negative emotions. Unable to defeat it in his human state Yuuji SWALLOWS the finger and well…he becomes the host of a powerful demon. Due to this he must now become exorcised by Sorcerers. There’s a catch however. Yuuji is still able to retain his human side and seeing this another sorcerer decides to bring Yuuji to Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College to propose a planz That plan is to postpone Yuuji’s death until he eats the rest of the demon’s fingers.

And then they kill him. Once and for all.

This was


It was so good though.

It’s horror mixed with action mixed with fantasy and I LOVED IT ALL.

There’s also a ton of humor which is necessary for such a heavy topic of demon possession and all.

The side characters are all just as wonderful. I have to admit I hate mangas where the cast is HUGE. It’s so hard to keep track of it all. This is why I stopped reading Bleach. It got so convoluted and I just…could not do it anymore. My attention span isn’t the greatest, okay. This kept me on the edge and yes ended on a cliffhanger which is fine. Leave me wanting more.

There’s also a kick ass female character which yas girl yas. All in all, this is definitely a manga to read if you’re into fantasy/sci-fi/horror. Which as we all know Amanda very much is.

Thanks very much to Netgalley and the publisher for this copy of my ARC.

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💜💜💜💜💜 5/5

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