A Decade of Resolutions

So much can happen in 10 years.

In 2012 I gave birth to my daughter Juliet Lily and my life changed forever.

I went through amazing times and trying obstacles but I got through the trials of life.

I was broken up with once, twice

But I met somebody this year and I fell in love.

I gained friends and lost a few but I also maintained friendships that have lasted a decade if not more.

Every year I make resolutions and I manage to keep some of them.

This year I vowed to read 50 books and I read over 250. I’m so proud of myself. I want to maintain that. Reading is something that brings me joy and allows me to conquer new worlds that I would never be able to do so otherwise. This post is about my resolutions for 2020 and I promise to not be too hard on myself.


  1. Read 300 books – I’m insane :))))) but let’s do it you guys
  2. Stop apologizing so much – I say sorry way too much, to people who absolutely do NOT DESERVE IT. I mean like when I’m in the store and people are in MY way I say sorry to them. I’m too nice and I need to cut it out. This was my resolution years ago and obviously I didn’t keep it and I need to fucking stop it because enough is enough.
  3. Become a Pescatarian – Again…something I vowed to do last year and DID ABIDE TO. I…will do better.
  4. Get way back into blogging – I miss blogging and I love it. It’s fun. I enjoy it and I love you all. Writing calms me down. Speaking or writing.
  5. Write, write, write. – My head is always full of short stories and I have scraps of them written down but they need to be fleshed out. I need to stop being lazy and get to it.
  6. Become a CNA/pursue nursing school
  7. Lick boyfriend’s beard – no explanation needed
  8. Be happy and make sure Juliet is ridiculously happy – dassit

What are your resolutions everyone??? Ready for the soon to be New Year?

7 thoughts on “A Decade of Resolutions

  1. Wow, you read 250 books this year? Go you! I didn’t realize Juliet is just a year younger than my daughter! It’s an interesting age. πŸ™‚

    300 books is absolutely crazy, but you got this anyway. I love your resolutions. They’re fabulous. I hope this next decade brings all the wonderful things you and Juliet deserve and then some.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you my dear!!! I was like i’m going to focus on one thing in 2019 and I did it lmao

      aaah it really is lmfao they really become their own little people at this age…it’s amazing.

      thank you so so much πŸ₯° the same to you and yours

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know how I didn’t see this until now BUT I love it! These are great resolutions for the new year. If there’s anyone who can hit a 300 book goal, I don’t doubt it can be you 😍 And I totally feel you about apologising so much LOL I apologise to everyone for everything and it’s like so annoying and I wanna stop but it’s so ingrained I just do it without realising lmao all my friends are always reminding me how often I’m doing it πŸ˜‚ You totally got all these goals! I’m rooting for you all the way πŸ₯³

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you my love!!!

      omg I never stop apologizing and i’m like AMANDA STOP IT RIGHT Now lmfaoi I totally feel you.

      ty for believing in me dini and a happy new year to you!!!


  3. I love your resolutions, Amanda! And happy new year to you and Juliet (oops! I’m kinda late lol) πŸŽ‰!! I hope you’re able to read 300 books this year and write a lot more! πŸ˜πŸ˜‡


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