Twas the Eve of Christmas

And I hit 500 followers on this BLOG


You guys like me and the mess I spew from my fingertips onto the screen.

It’s been a rough few months but I really do thank you all for being patient and reading my reviews. I started this book blog in June and it’s been a joy. I’ve met so many great people through it and have read and reviewed amazing books.

I know I stated that I mainly started this to help deal with my anxiety and depression but I also wanted access to a ton of books lmao.

But that has changed.

I do this now because I love the interactions I have with you all. I love talking to you all and hearing your opinions and your input. I adore getting reccomendations and insight that I never would have before.

In the beginning I would be stunned at getting 1 comment and now I get 50 on posts.

500 followers…in less than a year. My mind is blown. You’re all so great. I don’t know if I’ll post tomorrow as it is Christmas so if I don’t I hope you all have a very happy holiday and enjoy yourself!!!

Murry Christmassssss. Happy Holidays!!!

Later days ❤

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