ARC Review: Moon Magic: A Handbook of Lunar Cycles, Lore, and Mystical Energies by Aurora Kane

I’ve always had an affinity to the moon.

When tears would course down my eyes and trail tracks down my cheeks I would wish not upon the stars but pray to that crescent sliver or that glowing orb.
When my maternal grandmother died years ago that night I sought comfort and in the dark I felt her embrace in the sky. The streetlights flickered and went out but the glow from above lit my way back home.

Yes, the moon harnesses plenty of power.

There’s magick in its grip and in it holds thousands – no millions of secrets.
I guess you would call me a fledgling witch. I dabble in beginners witchcraft from time to time and have for a few years. I don’t pretend to be more experienced than I am because I simply am not. I do this for me and my peace of mind.

To me magick is akin to self love and positive affirmations. It’s a push to help you along the way.

With this book we learn about the moon phases and how they can affect the power we harness and what we can do during these certain phases.

For example during the new moon this is a time to set intentions.

As an affirmation you will light a pink candle and and say: I welcome new opportunities and experience.

I’ve also always wondered about the various names for the moons during the different months. Like for example WHAT THE HELL IS A BEAVER MOON??? WELL HERE:

Many cultures idolize the moon and many Goddesses are associated with her power. Luna, Selene, Artemis, Ixchel, Kuan Yin, Isis…

There’s also my favorite…SPELL WORK INVOLVING HERBS.

You guys, I love herbs. I love learning about the different uses and what they can do for us. This summer I actually did a full moon spell with my best friend. You can check out the post here:

The Full Moon Rises: Please be careful, Link!

I adored this book. I love having books like this not so much to guide me but to be a blueprint as a sort.

Magick is everywhere. This is just but a taste of it, it’s literally floating above us. We can draw on our affirmations from inside of ourselves. I think for me magick shows us that we are not alone and we have never been alone.

Anything is possible and the impossible is extraordinary.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this copy of my ARC.

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💜💜💜💜💜 5/5

Expected publication: January 28th 2020 by Wellfleet Press

6 thoughts on “ARC Review: Moon Magic: A Handbook of Lunar Cycles, Lore, and Mystical Energies by Aurora Kane

  1. Um, I am definitely checking this out!!!! I read tarot and my micro-coven (aka my tarot buddy and I) pay close attention to the moon phases and try to plan our more in-depth reads accordingly.
    I HIGHLY recommend the “Queen of the Moon Oracle” – I think you’d find it resonates for you beautifully!!!


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