Series of the Week: The Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin

Deep in the recesses of my closet…

Past the summer dresses, beyond the whispering demons, crawl beyond the sleeping cats and you will find several full storage containers

Open them, they won’t bite.

Lift the lid, it won’t hurt you.

Ah…yes. There you are. Here we go. Pandora’s treasure has been found and magick has been unleashed into the world.

I want to say that my mother began buying these books for me before I was born. But that’s probably not true. I think it possibly happened when I was around 5 and she ordered them for me through the Scholastic catalog. She always urged me and my sister to read at a young age and picked brightly colored books.

This was my introduction to The Babysitters Club. The first series of books that I truly fell in love with and read to absolute tatters.

  • Kristy – The Boss. Bossy and athletic. Gets ish done.
  • Claudia – Stylish/snack hoarder
  • Mary Anne – Shy and organized
  • Stacey – Sophisticated and beautiful
  • Dawn – Low key and hipsterish

Our original fab five. These are the girls who made up the original BSC and who taught us young thangs about friendship, babysitting, and some heavy issues like Stacey’s diabetes and Claudia’s grandmother having a stroke.

I actually learned quite a LOT from this series tbh. Which I think is great for a middle-grade/young adult series. There are many instances of racism, disabilities, divorce, and death. Some could have been handled differently and better but hey, nothing is perfect, not everything is perfect and we all learn everyday. We can see this in books we’ve read long ago and realize this.

LATER we are introduced to some new girls

  • Mallory – Eldest of 8 kids and loves to read
  • Jessi – A talented ballet dancer and one of the only black girls in town
  • Abbi – Outgoing and charismatic
  • Logan – Mary Anne’s bf and the only male member of the BSC
  • Shannon – An overachiever and associate member of the BSC

My favorite member? Claudia. She’s messy, loves candy, and has a great fashion sense. That girl speaks to my heart in every way. I’m also like Kristy because I…might be somewhat a little bossy. Just a little though.


There are thrillers and super specials, Kristy’s little sister even has her own spin off. There are even GRAPHIC NOVELS. AND GUYS GUESS WHAT.



My mom always said she wished she had kept her old books for me to read and it’s a shame that she hadn’t. I would have loved them. Thankfully, I still have all of my books for my daughter to devour.

And also for me of course.

Always for me.

Thanks for joining me for this week’s series of the week!

This one has been a long time coming šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Series of the Week: The Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin

  1. I never actually read any of the main series Baby-Sitters Club books but I read a bunch of those spin off books about Kristy’s little sister. Don’t know why I never picked up any of the other books in the franchise. I think, because I started with the little sister books, I had this impression that the main-series books were for older kids or teenagers and that I wouldn’t be able to understand them, or something.


    Also, I am ENDLESSLY jealous that you still have your copies!!!! Once upon a time I had every single one, but a dozen moves and the inability to look into the future and know I would be a bookstagrammer/bookblogger with a home library meant that they ended up donated at one point or another. Some day I will build my collection back up, this I vow. For now, I might need to snag that graphic novel… šŸ˜‰


  3. Aww I love sentimental reading posts like this! It reminds me of my own fond childhood reading memories. I haven’t tried this series but it seems to deal with some important issues in that MG to YA transition. Lovely post! Jen


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