Comic Book Review: Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

What in the hell is normal exactly?

And why do we strive so hard to try to fit into the cookie cutter image of normality when we think we’ve figured it out?

I can’t think or normality now. Not at this point in my old, old life. I used to want to fit in when I was younger. I wanted to be a part of the cool kids in elementary school. That shit died out for me sometime in middle school. My family moved a lot and when we moved to Virginia I stopped caring. I didn’t want to belong. I didn’t want any of these kids to like me. I wanted to learn Japanese and go home and write. I didn’t care if that wasn’t normal or cool. I didn’t care if I wasn’t conventionally pretty. I just had to get good grades and behave for my parents sake. If I did that I got anime and manga out of it. Good fucking deal.

I’m so off topic.

Thanks again to my man for buying me this comic 🙂 He did a really great job in picking out comics that he thought I would enjoy and I did like this one a lot. I have a pile more to go through. He truly is amazing. I’m lucky.

If you asked her , Kamala Khan would tell you that she isn’t so extraordinary. She’s a normal Muslim girl who lives in Jersey City and is sick to death of being stifled by her strict parents. She is constantly being teased by the kids at her school and for once in her life she would love to go to a party without being chastened.

She lives in the world of dreams and comics so when one night she happens upon one of her favorite superheroes who grants her the wish to become her is Kamala in for the time of her life?

Or is this more than she ever bargained for?

I really did enjoy everything about this comic and how a Pakistani teen girl is the main protagonist.

Diversity and representation always very much matter. It was also very refreshing to read and hate the asshole teenagers she has to deal with because there’s absolutely no sugarcoating that shit. It happens in real life on the daily. I’ve gone through too many instances of micro and not so microaggressions .

The art of course is great and it’s so nice and refreshing to see. My only gripe? CLIFFHANGER. But that only means that I have to continue reading on. Which of course I will do.

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