Goodreads Monday 11/11

Marvelous Monday once again.

So, for some reason a lot of comments are going into spam which uh…aren’t spam??? I don’t know what the hell is up with that but I’m sincerely sorry if it seems as though I’m ignoring you or your comments because I’m honestly not! For some reason WordPress is filtering things out and I’m trying to stay on top of things and look at my spam comments everyday.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with everything including life and I won’t bring up depression again but yeah, it’s hitting. Especially since it gets dark earlier in the day. Thanks for continuing to read my posts and support me you guys 🙂

SO. Monday is Goodreads Monday. What’s Goodreads Monday you ask???

Goodreads Monday is a meme that gets all credit from @Lauren’s Page Turners .

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme hosted here. To participate, choose a random book from your TBR and show it off. Don’t forget to link back here and feel free to add your links to the comments so that others can see what you picked.

Time to throw a book in the dryer, open it up, and READ ONE AT RANDOM.



Everything You Want Me to Be by Mindy Mejia


No one knows who she really is…

Hattie Hoffman has spent her whole life playing many parts: the good student, the good daughter, the good girlfriend. But Hattie wants something more, something bigger, and ultimately something that turns out to be exceedingly dangerous. When she’s found brutally stabbed to death, the tragedy rips right through the fabric of her small-town community.

It soon comes to light that Hattie was engaged in a highly compromising and potentially explosive secret online relationship. The question is: Did anyone else know? And to what lengths might they have gone to end it? Hattie’s boyfriend seems distraught over her death, but had he fallen so deeply in love with her that she had become an obsession? Or did Hattie’s impulsive, daredevil nature simply put her in the wrong place at the wrong time, leading her to a violent death at the hands of a stranger?

Why I Want to Read This

I mean…that synopsis just completely sucks you in, doesn’t it? I went through a huge suspense phase earlier this year and enjoyed it so much. I want to throw myself back into the blood soaked trenches.


So yeah 🙂 Happy Monday my beauties!!

13 thoughts on “Goodreads Monday 11/11

  1. Depression sucks. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time right now–let me know if there’s anything I can do to help (whether that means sending memes or listening or offering validation or going back and liking literally every post you’ve ever made…)

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    1. this is so so sweet thank you ❤
      i'm trying to not be so hard on myself and take it day by day. this year is picking up and i have great people like you who truly care and it means so much.

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  2. Aw Amanda my love, I’m sorry you’re struggling so much right now. Sending you all the healing vibes my friend. <3333
    But omg, the spam folder…. WHAT A LOL IT IS!!!! Half of it is proper spam but then there'll be comments from tonnes of blogger peeps and it's like wtf WordPress??? LIFE 🙄🙄🙄

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    1. thank you my love i have a few days off from work so i’m going to try to center myself and just relax

      YES. it’s so so annoying and i feel so bad because it looks like i’m ignoring people or deleting comments and i feel so bad about it. it’s aggravating lmao.

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