October Monthly Wrap-Up

October is OVER.

Ugh, my favorite month and it was my most enjoyable as well! I really, really loved it. Book wise and personal wise it was really good. My mental health was definitely down for a bit and I was scared. The most scared I’ve been for awhile but in the second half it made a return and I feel better.

I decided that since this month is the most bewitching of all that I would only read scary/books that go bump in the night.

Lmaooo, I don’t know if that was the brightest since I’ve been having some WILD nightmares. I had fun though.

I also wrote a miniseries that I have been dying to do about women who write horror books. It’s been a really great month.

I turned 30, I met somebody, and I’m going to end this year with a bang πŸ™‚

So let’s go ahead and wrap this month up book style shall we?

Book Reviews

Favorite Horror Books by Women

I’m so proud of myself for finally writing this. Thank you to all the authors for writing such amazing work and to everyone who supported these posts. It means so much to me!!

Series of the Week

Juliet’s Corner

Unicorn Blood & Dittany

It’s been a fun month and I’m glad to have you all join me for it. We’re nearly at the end. What does November have in store for us all?

Later days my babies ❀

Have a happy and SAFE Halloween

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