Book Review: The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson

How can you fight what you can’t see?

Growing up on Long Island you have local haunts that everyone knows all about.

There’s Pilgrim State Hospital, Kings Park Psychiatric Center, and the house in Amityville. You know what house I’m talking about. Yes, that house.

It’s spawned many movies and is a hot, controversial topic to this day. What happened in that house seems so out of realm for this world that it is hard to comprehend that it could have actually happened.

My father grew up in Amityville, it’s a small town not far from where I was later raised. He would tell me and my sisters how certain streets were haunted and his brothers and sisters frequently saw ghosts as casually as one saw their shadow. Sometimes spirits latch to places rather than people and sometimes they cluster and manifest.

And well, you get a haunting.

When the Lutz family got a lush deal on the house in Amityville they immediately should have been alarmed. Instead they counted their blessings and moved their family in.

They began with a blessing that ended as quickly as it started. This was a sign of things to come.

This is the story of a haunting come to fruition. A swarm of black flies, green slime, a devilish pig, and a bed ridden priest suffering from long distance stigmata. Demons come in all sizes and shapes. And if your house has a secret door that leads to a blood red room I suggest you move the hell out immediately.

It was nice to finally read this. Of course I’ve known about the house and the hauntings all of my life but I’ve never read the “official” account and it was really interesting to see exactly what went on and what not. I’m just saying right now that I would not have stayed as long as that family did. How they ever managed to I have no idea because it was just getting worse and worse. Jeeze. As soon as they found that door leading to hell in the basement basically I would have left lmao. I MEAN WHAT IN THE FUCK? I know it’s hard because you sink your all into a house but your life means a lot more. Christ.

The writing in this was average I have to say. There are a looooooot of exclamation points lmao. SO MANY. Every time to emphasize something horrifying is happening and we get them

And she levitated!

And the ghost appeared!

The priest fainted!

LOL, after awhile I had to roll my eyes. I wish it was written a bit better but this was a really interesting read and absolutely perfect to wrap up my October horror read-a-thon with! Lol, it’s been a crazy/scary month but so glad I decided to choose reading over sleeping properly.

Of course there’s controversy over this case as there’s controversy over anything surrounding ghosts and the supernatural. I’ve always been one to try to keep an open mind with everything. I’ve been raised on ghost stories. I’ve seen and heard my own fair share of things. This life is not so perfectly laid out for you, lines distort and worlds blur together.

It is hard to let go.

That goes for the dead as much as it does for the living.

πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»βœ¨ 3.5/5

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13 thoughts on “Book Review: The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson

    1. the details were sooo interesting but the writing made it so weird at times 😦 I wish there was a way it could be rewritten but I think it’s kind of hard to when do many of the participants have passed away. it’s VERY dated for sure.


  1. Definitely enjoyed this post. I have never read this book nor seen the movie. Not sure I ever will. After reading The Exorcist, which scared the hell out of me, I was leary of this one. Excellent review.

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  2. I haven’t actually read this. Mainly because the original movie scared the crap out of me. I am a believer so this story is one of those where I am half “that poor family” and half “I wanna live there” Weird I know. After reading this though, I will definitely put this on my list of must reads.

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