Series of the Week: Goosebumps by R.L. Stine

I have to end the last series of the week of October with Goosebumps.

I mean, of COURSE I DO.

Earlier when I started this blog I featured R.L. Stine’s teen version of the Goose – Fear Street

Series of the Week: Welcome to Fear Street

But before Fear Street, we had the legendary Goosebumps.

Countless times I remember going into the school library and heading straight to the section where these babies were stacked. And I wasn’t the only one. No, no. Indeed I was not.

There is something about being scared that excites us. And as young kids we want books that are exciting, Goosebumps did that for us. It helped that the covers are both colorful and terrifying.

R.L. Stine also decuded to make his series even mroe terrifying and wrote a few Choose Your Own Adventure styled books.

That is where you choose the path of the story. Do you decide to go up the stairs to your more than likely demise??? Or would you rather go down to the basement where the werespiders are? THE CHOICE IS YOURS. The future is yours!!!

I am very grateful to authors like R.L. Stine who write creepy horror tales for kids and teens. It introduces the young minds to reading and doesn’t scare them too much. I have said this over and over again but Fear Street is really what jump started my love of reading and writing and I would pass out those novels like candy amongst my friends. We LOVED them. One day I hope to write books like him and spread terror amongst the youth.

Sigh, one day…one day.

15 thoughts on “Series of the Week: Goosebumps by R.L. Stine

      1. Me too! I used to watch Are You Afraid of the Dark all the time. I tried to go back and rewatch it a couple of years ago and the child acting is sooo bad! I can still see why it would have scared me as a kid, but now it’s just really funny.


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