Lightning Fast Review: The Echoing Green and Other Stories by David Jordan

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An author David Jordan reached out to me via my Contact page and in exchange for a fair and honest review gifted me his short story collection to review. It’s coming out in the coming weeks and you can check out his blog here:

This is a short story collection full of the supernatural and mythical. We are constantly transported between across that hazy border of life and death and it’s a mellow ride, a cool ride. There are Gods and Goddesses, witches and wraiths. My favorite story is the Dreamer’s Eve. I’ve been having the oddest dreams lately and I felt that this story really resonated with me.

The writing is beautiful and the dialogue capitvates you. I sometimes felt a little lost in the words and wanted just a little bit more plot wise but overall I was very happy to read this. It was lush and soothing and David Jordan has a way with weaving short stories and enchanting you with Gods who seem both old and new.

Thank you David for allowing me to read your beautiful words! Please check out his blog everyone and be on the lookout for when his book comes out 🙂

About the Author

David Jordan writes out of Cork, Ireland, where he was born and bred. He has been writing all his life, but it wasn’t until 2016, with the Chronicles of Dan

Lee O’Brien, that his talent for stories really kicked in.

As a writer, he believes in work and discipline – these are the means by which we attract the muse.

He also believes in the power of story, a power that is harnessed through ingenuity and imagination.

He is a big fan of mythology as it is a rich source of symbolism and association that allows him to play. Indeed, work and play are the two ethics that mean anything to him as a writer. He likes to stir up mythology, which gives his writing an energy that will delight the reader.

He also draws inspiration from the early work of WB Yeats, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey as well as contemporary writers such as Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and Stephen King.

He writes poetry and has had a book of verse published entitled, The End..

Sound interesting? Why not check out David’s author page and download the books at or

Or return to the home page to purchase hard copies of The Chronicles of Dan Lee O’Brien and A Bhikku’s Tale.

Or contact the author at 

Also, don’t forget to check out David’s poetry and short fiction magazine, Crossways

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