Book Review: Light as a Feather by Zoe Aarsen

McKenna Brady has done it.

She’s become one of the most popular girls at Weeping Willow High School. She’s had a tragic life thus far but for the first time in a long while, things are finally looking up.

Everything can change in the blink of an eye though and they do. It’s head of the clique, Olivia Richmond’s, Sweet 16 sleepover and the new girl in the group suggests they play a game. Her name is Violet and she has the perfect knack for weaving the creepiest stories of how each of the girls will die. As the gang chants “Light as a feather, stiff as a board” they levitate each girl into the air and it’s all just a game that is…

Until the girls start dying in the exact same way that Violet predicted. One by one by one.

Now it’s up to McKenna and her neighbor Trey to figure out what exactly is going on and how to stop it. Because while McKenna is well acquainted with the darkness that is Death, she’s had more than enough of it in her lifetime.


It took me several times to try to get into this book and that should have been a sign to me to you know…drop it. Run away. Never look back.

Instead I kept going because I am a psycho for pain.

I am a lover of corny teen horror. I mean, hello??? Fear Street is my second mother. It helped RAISE ME. I should have known this was going to be bad when I saw it was advertised as Riverdale meets Final Destination. I mean mother of GOD. THAT IS NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF. I know this is a series on Hulu and yes, I do plan on watching it and being disgusted with myself afterwards but that’s not the point. What is the point?

First of all, what the hell is this plot? From the beginning we’re basically told that Violet is this evil psycho because she’s not from this school and GASP doesn’t have a date to the homecoming that’s just totally NOT OKAY. The supposed horror wasn’t horrific at ALL and ya’ll know.

Ya’ll KNOW I love my horror. There weren’t any suspense, any build up. NOTHING. There’s a lot of: “Please call her phone. Omg, I’m calling. Call again! What do we do? Idk!! I’m totally calling! What do we do?! …We wait.”

Cut to 20 minutes later.

She dead oh my god, she totally dead.

this is that BULLSHIT

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? And no these are NOT SPOILERS. You can read this on the synopsis on Goodreads.

Oh and then there’s McKenna’s quest to be a part of the popular clique. I understand. I was in high school too. I don’t remember my hs having a popular clique and if there was one it was the nerds. But girl, please get a grip. I honestly thought we got over this I’m too cool to hang out with guys my friends don’t approve of in the early 2000s. It’s mad cliche and it’s annoying. Stop. Oh, also McKenna only became cool after she lost 20 pounds and got contact lenses so that’s totally a great thing, right guys??

This writing was all over the place and honestly I was bored to tears. I had no idea what was going on half the time. It wanted to be a ghost story but clashed with romance so badly. I also couldn’t keep up with none of the characters. I had no idea who was who and honestly could care less. None of them were very likable.

I nearly DNF and honestly I should have especially since it ended up at the worst cliff hanger. No, I absolutely will not be reading the second book. The first was enough. For a relatively quick read this one really frustrated and confused me because I had no idea what the hell was going on most of the time. People died, people blamed Violet even though they all played the same game, McKenna whined about wanting to be popular, ghost shit happened, the end, CLIFFHANGER.

I need to stay away from teen horror for awhile. All it does is give me a headache. This is no The Craft that’s for sure. In conclusion, this reads like something 12 year old me would have written as an Inuyasha/Buffy fanfic.

This seems like a really mean review and for that I apologize but there is a character named Amanda in it so there’s a bright side.

UPDATE: I’m watching the show and it’s not bad compared to the monstrosity of this book.

22 thoughts on “Book Review: Light as a Feather by Zoe Aarsen

  1. So thanks for this because I was really wondering if I should just stick to the show and…I think I’ll just stick to the show. I would rather watch trashy horror than read it.

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  2. There is a character called Amanda so bright side……. I’m dead.
    It’s funny. I was writing a review of Dark Matter by Blake Crouch the other day (it’s not yet scheduled yet, probably next week) but I wrote this one line. Put it in bold and capitals because I felt so strongly….
    And then burst my sides laughing when I realised what I had written….
    I just started creasing with laughter when I thought of you. So I’m apologising in advance 😂😂😂
    Sorry this book sucked lovely but your review was solid gold <3333

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  3. It’s so cathartic to see people rant about bad books. You get all the rage without having to spend time on the actual book, haha! I may check out the show for the SpooksTM, but you have absolutely turned me off of the book.

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    1. LMFAOOOO that is the BEST way to look at it. I was like what in the hell am I reading like 10 times.
      please check out the show i’m actually on season 2 right now and i’m enjoying myself!! it’s kind of cheesy but makes a lot more sense than the book and i’m not in constant rage.


  4. GOD!!!! Is THAT the plot of this book?!?!? NO WONDER YOU HATED IT WITH A VENGEANCE!!!!!!! UGHHHHH!!! It sounds boring as fuck!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I WOULDNT TOUCH IT WITH A 10 ft POLEEEE!! And I am sooo sorry you had to read through this abomination! 😱😱☹️☹️


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    1. let me tell you girl
      it took me AGES to get through this lmaooo. it was like a ghost or something was stopping me every so often from reading past the first 10 pages. FOR GOOD GODDAMN REASON. I’M SO MAD I WASTED MY TIME.
      but…the show is better? it’s still awful and cheesy but it’s MUCH BETTER.
      you’re so sweet thank you so much ;; i’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get to your comments. i hate wordpress’s way of filtering comments.

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      1. Oh, its ALRIGHT, hon! Its been happening frequently with me these days! 🤣🤣🤣 Seems like I have unknowingly offended WordPress or something! 🤣🤣


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