Series of the Week: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

This technically might not be a series but my blog my rules.

This is a book that has spawned into manga and a live action movie that’s a cult classic. There’s a reason for it too. It’s excellent, terrifyingly so.

Set in a fascist fiction Japan, the government has established a military program, the Battle Experiment No. 68 Program, wherein fifty random classes of third year students are kidnapped, dropped into a remote location, and forced to kill one another until only one student remains.

The lucky class this time are the students of Shirowa Junior High School. A rowdy class full of delinquents who abuse their teacher and bully one another.

They are none the wiser when they shuttle off onto a bus seemingly on the way to a field trip. En route- they are gassed and awaken in a class room. Metal collars are put around their necks to prevent them from escaping.

Let the games and murder begin.

This series is insane. Imagine having to kill your classmates or be killed. Trust absolutely nobody. Friendships dissolve, relationships dissapear, your sanity is comletely gone. You either fend for yourself or you die. Unless you really trust a certain group of people but in these conditions people crack and anything can happen.

I watched the movie before I read the novel and I can say it’s just as good as the book. I watched it one night with my mother and sisters and we loved every second of it. It was CRAZY. My favorite character is Mitsuko Souma. She’s bad ass and absolutely nuts and kills everybody she can in sight but I love her to death.

There’s also a manga series which is also great. It’s been awhile since I read the manga but I believe the deaths differ a bit from both the movie and book adaptions.

Of course it has to be said but this is a very grahic series. Kids are killing other kids with a variety of weapons and the descriptions are very detailed. There is also suicide and sexual abuse.

It’s a fascinating read but honestly it’s not one I don’t think I could ever just re-read on a whim I would have to be in the mood for it because it is heavy. You get the background on each character so the deaths hit you even harder. It’s just so cruel honestly. And yes, this book came before The Hunger Games.

This is a book so good that I had nightmares about, so you know I have to tell you all to read it.

Thanks for joining me for another series of the week! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Amanda ❤

7 thoughts on “Series of the Week: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

  1. Seriously this movie was crazyyyyyyy. I remember when Hunger Games came out and people were saying that THIS copied HG and I was like uhhhhh nah b. Battle Royale came out FIRST. I didn’t end up finishing the movie because I just couldn’t handle it but I know it’s so good. I’m glad you featured this series! Did you ever read /watch the second one???

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    1. GIRL it was insane lmao and yes i was like uhhh no. this came out way before and i was reading how the author has not written anything else since then. lmao he was like i got my message across yeah i don’t blame you. it’s heavy as hell. and i haven’t! the first was honestly enough for me.

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  2. I remember watching the film with some friends who hate subtitles and they all got sucked in. It’s such an extraordinary one, love the ending, we were all in such a ‘wtf?’ state, lol. I always felt some type of way about how The Hunger Games blew up and so few people have heard of Battle Royale even though it’s basically the grandfather of that series with such a similar premise. Thanks for spreading the word on it. ❤ Definitely going to read the book someday but it sounds like a massive journey lol.

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    1. oh my god it really is. it’s INSANE. it’s hard reading the book because you get attached to characters but you know there’s little to no hope. and of course!! it blows my mind that the author hasn’t written anything else after it.

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