Book Review: Zombie Fairy Tales by Kevin Richey

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess and this princess lived amongst the dead and harvested the souls of the innocent one by one by one.

Dark fairy tale retellings are nothing new. Much love to ya The Brothers Grimm. And this book, Zombie Fairy Tales, is definitely true to its word.

A plague has spread throughout the kingdom and madness and corpses lie in its aftermath.

The pages turn and stories unfold and hello, let’s meet the characters shall we?

Gepetto the toy maker longs for company after losing his wife and son ten years ago. He roams the catacombs in search for the perfect bits and pieces to make his own pristine child.

Cinderella has just buried her beloved father and a ball is the furthest thing from her mind. Arriving home, her wicked stepmother and step sisters immediately put her to work going as far to even brand her. Overcome with grief and sick as a dog will Cinderella get her revenge? Will the Prince save her in the nick of time?

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow isn’t a fairy tale it’s a gothic story but this is one made of a much more macabre making if that’s even possible. Heads will roll. The dead will have the last say.

As the title of the book states this is about zombies and it means it. It really really means it. If you think you’re getting one bit of a happy ending between these pages than you’re going to be really disappointed. What Kevin Richey provides instead is a grim setting, gore detailed murders, and vengeance delivered in black humor. This is dark and I mean really dark. The first story is Pinocchio’s and it involves the deaths of several children. Pinocchio himself is an undead child, er children, he is a sewn together Frankenstein, and he’s hungry for blood.

The book is repetitious in the way that shocking horror can be. I mean there’s only so many ways that one can gruesomely die before you are completely desensitized, The charm lies in the way that Kevin Richey spins these fairy tales. For instance I really loved how he wrote The Little Mermaid. It was different how he set up Ursula as Prince Eric’s sister and made her into this undertaker witch who transformed Ariel from an undead siren to a somewhat alive bride.

So there are flaws but the book is written beautifully and creatively and if you’re looking for a morbid fairy tale retelling especially in this creepy season this is absolutely perfect for you.

I just hope you don’t mind the nightmares 🙂

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