Book Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Happy Spookytacular October!! I am so happy to be entering the best and creepiest month of the year and will be trying my hardest to only be reviewing books that are scary or have a creepy element to them.

Hold on tight and let’s get scary.

The book we’re kicking this month off with is none other than

Now I have to admit that this is a case of ‘movies that I watched before I read the book’ and I have watched this movie many many times. Not just because it’s so good because it really is. But also because my daughter went through a period of obsession with it which is kind of weird. Coraline is kind of scary for young kids. Hell, it’s kind of scary for adults even.

To me, creepy books and movies aimed at a younger audience is probably the scariest kind of horror. It delves deep into the kind of fears we had as children and pinpoints and needles them over and over and over again. It doesn’t explain much and it doesn’t need to. That kind of primal fear is the best kind imo and also the worst because it’s downright terrifying. Coraline is just like that. It’s simplistic and creepy. Everything I love wrapped into one picture perfect image, complete with shiny button eyes.

Coraline Jones and her family have just moved into a new flat and with any new adjustment to a new place, Coraline’s parents are busy with work and moving in and Coraline is bored.

Despite the warnings from her nice but odd neighbors Coraline decides to explore and goes beyond the veil, beyond the locked doorway and discovers a passageway that leads to a flat much like her own.

Except everything is much better than the world she previously inhabited. The food is better, the toys are better. Her parents…are better? There are doppelgangers of her parents. Other mother and other father as she calls them and they pay attention to her. They play with her. They’re perfection. The only difference is their eyes. The sewn on button eyes.

Coraline has a decision to make. Will she stay on in this new world with her new fawning family or will she go back to where she is seemingly ignored? It’s her choice to make, her soul to keep.

It is hard to not compare books to movies when you have watched them over and over again lol. All I could do was think…WHERE IS WYBIE? But alas…he is not in this story 😦 Wybie only exists in the movie and that’s fine. He still exists in my heart. Nevertheless this was a great story and still creepy enough. The Other Mother is one of the most terrifying antagonists in book and movie form. Geez lady, I know you’re lonely and all but stabbing people through the eyes with needles so they can keep you company forever and more is definitely not the way.

The other characters Miss.Spink, Miss. Forcible, and Mr. Bobinsky I would have loved to read more of but what we got was good enough for me.

The illustrations in the book are well done and actually made me jump. They remind me a lot of the stilted caricatures in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Features are just too long, too exaggerated, too monstrous. It’s scary. It’s amazing. Coraline is the perfect example of a middle grade age horror book but it’s good horror for all ages. What would you do if you wandered into a perfect world and a witch wanted to keep you forever and ever? It’s not like you can kick her in the shin and run away. I mean you totally can but it probably won’t work out well. And the thing is Coraline didn’t even do anything bad. She was bored and lonely and simply wanted her parents to pay attention to her, we have all felt that way at a point in our lives. It just takes one person to exploit us when we are low.

Neil Gaiman is a wonderful talented writer and he invoked the childish nature and fear perfectly and I’m wondering why I haven’t read this earlier. There’s so much wrong with me though. A lapse of my perfection. This was the perfect book to kick off October with however and yes, Coraline is still on Netflix and I am off work tomorrow so I will be snuggling in bed with my cats and watching it.

This is also the book choice in my book club! Lol we’re reading two books this month and this was my birthday choice. You can join my book club here if you would like it’s super laid back πŸ™‚

Welcome to the Book Parade

21 thoughts on “Book Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

  1. HOLY FRICK. Those illustrations!?!? I’m so glad that I saw your review with these illustrations before picking up the book because WOW. Freaky much!? Jeez, and this is for kids!? Gaiman, mate… I’m terrified! Haha yo, Juliet must be freaking brave. I was completely weirded and freaked out watching this as an adult (no surprise since I’m a chicken) but wow, I would’ve shat me pants if I watched this as a kid lmaaaoo πŸ€£πŸ™ˆ Probably wouldn’t have slept again, ever?! Fabulous review, Amanda!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RIGHT I was so so shocked loool idk what went through her mind but she went through a phase where she wanted to watch the nightmare before christmas nonstop too. strange child. thank you doll.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. BUT ALSO Nightmare Before Christmas was my jam. I mean, it freaked me the fck out when I first watched it as a kid but… I grew to love Skellington so much πŸ˜‚ Your kid has good movie taste! Hahaha


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