Book Review: Rules For Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall

Genre: Horror/Young Adult

I’ve been plagued with nightmares lately.
Dreams where I’m being followed and when I turn around nobody is there but the dull sound of footsteps still follow me.
I’ve woken myself up to the sound of my own screams.
It’s been a rough couple of weeks so of course I’ve been treating myself to the creepiest of books on top of it. Halloween is right around the corner and sleep is for for the weak.

I love horror in all its shapes and forms. When my daughter is in school and I have the day off work I search on my fire stick horror movies to watch and my kindle is packed with books to read. I have been WAITING for Rules for Vanishing to be released and guys, the day has come and I am not disappointed.

I’m terrified.

It is so damn scary. And so damn good.

What town doesn’t have its own ghost story complete with its own ritual? Once a year a path appears and that’s when the ghost of Lucy Gallows appears. A year ago Sara’s sister ,Becca, sought out Lucy and never returned. And now Sara is determined to retrieve her sister back from the unknown.

Together with her friends Sara trudges down the paths and beyond the seven gates Will they find Becca? Or will what’s on the other side come and claim them?

This book. This goddamn book is completely fucked. And I mean that in the best way. I have read so many books this year that have claimed to be like the Blair Witch and this is the only book that has LIVED UP TO THAT COMPLETELY. It nails the faux documentary style completely. It’s creepy beyond belief and definitely contributed to my nightmare last night. There are multiple interview snippets, text message styles, instagrams, etc…It’s very well done and not confusing at all.

It reminds me a lot of a horror game and I absolutely love it. The author, Kate Alice Marshall, does a really great job with atmosphere and I commend her highly. One of my favorite parts is just 14% in on my kindle where Sara gets a text from her sister and the text keeps coming in over and over again. Mind you, her sister has been missing for over a year so that feeling just hits you in the gut.

I honestly think this is the scariest book I have read all year and I have read a ton of scary books this year.

The characters are diverse and feel very real. I cried a lot but I’m also very hormonal. These are the books that stick with you for a long time. The writing is beautiful and I can see this being made into a movie or a Netflix series. I’m wishing this into existence goddammit. All in all, fucking fantastic. And yes, this is a great fall read. Bring on the creep factor.

I have nothing bad to say other than the fact that I probably won’t be sleeping soundly but whatevs. what’s new?

But there’s nowhere for memory to live anymore.

💜💜💜💜💜 5/5

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Sidenote: Juliet’s Corner will be featured tomorrow because per Juliet she is EXHAUSTED from school lmao. Thank you 🙂

19 thoughts on “Book Review: Rules For Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall

  1. Damn this sounds TERRIFYING! I’m a hard core wimp so I’ll be giving this a miss 😂 I love reading reviews on horror books though – makes me feel like I can live vicariously without having to suffer the nightmares. I love that this feels almost like a doco. Great review 💙 Jen

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  2. I am still not over the time I went to a near empty cinema to see Jeepers Creepers and 3/4 way through the film something kicked the back of my seat and I screamed with all my might. Sounded like I was dying… What I had failed to realise is that someone had come into the cinema late and had sat directly behind me….. I HAVE NEVER WATCHED A HORROR FILM SINCE…. I don’t know what this exactly has to do with your review which is fabulous as ever… TELL JULIET I AM WAITING ON HER POST <3333333333

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      why would they sit right behind you?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      i’m so sorry but I spit my tea out reading this i’m crying laughing
      all i’ve been doing is watching scary movies and i’m like wow why am I having so many scary dreams
      lmaoo I will tell her XD 💜

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  3. OKAY SO… I was convincing myself that this was a book that I could PROBABLY read this month but after hearing you say that this is the scariest book you’ve read all year!? Yeah, nah that’s defo not gonna happen anymore 😅😂😅 I’m probably gonna feel FOMO but shit, I don’t think I’m ready haha I also just realized that this cover???? Is ACTUALLY creepy af??? The top of the cover always caught my attention because I always thought it was hair, but then I’d look again and it’d be like normal tree shit. BUT NOW!!! Am I wrong? I’m getting all the jeebies right now 😫But also, fab review lol

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    1. LOOOL I ALWAYS WANT TO ENCOURAGE y’all to partake in the creepy shit I love but dini I think this would be too much for you this was almost for me

      AND YES I THINK ITS HAIR. I kept looking at it and I was like…that’s definitely hair right and reading it I was like yeah that’s…that’s hair. which is cool but creepy as hell.

      thank you my love 💜💜


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