Series of the Week: Amelia Gray The Graveyard Queen

If you can see the dead it’s nice to have rules regarding them. The most important rule of them all is that they are not allowed to touch you. For that way…madness lies.

Lmao, not really it’s just really uncomfortable and not at all cool.

Amelia Gray is a cemetery restorer who can also see ghosts therefore she is damn near a perfect fit for her job. Also, her job is really awesome. Think of all the crumbling, dilapidated graveyards around the country and her fixing them up. In one book she even has to try to fix an underwater one. That is so cool.

Okay, I have to admit. This is a fairly new series to me and I haven’t finished all of the books but what I have read so far is really good.

Unfortunately there is…romance in it which is not my thing but I can overlook it. Hopefully he dies in later books or whatever but there’s also a LOT of death which is so great.

Amelia is a fun character and it’s really nice seeing her talk about her love of graveyards and headstones. They have always been so fascinating to me. The history, lore, and general spookiness of them.

And ofc I cannot forget about the ghosts.

Oh my god the ghosts. Where would I be without you my precious ghost babies? Some of these ghosts are terrifying and others full of sorrow. It’s a mixture and it works.

You should definitely check out this series if you’re looking for a new Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Read. The writing is good, evenly paced and fun. It’s scary, witty, and you’re definitely in for a ghost ride each and every time which is definitely my sort of thing.

Happy nearly fall and Friday my babies!

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