DRC Review: Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Trigger warnings: Sexual abuse and drug abuse

“I don’t know what the fuck a blog even is,” Marty said.

The goddesses have blessed us with another GREAT mystery thriller you guys!


Now…I grew up on Law & Order, CSI, and all of those police and detective and murderous shows.

I absolutely love true crime and listen to the podcasts. My Favorite Murder, And That’s Why We Drink, etc…I learned fast and hard that…there is no perfect murder. Lmao, it’s damn near impossible to kill somebody and get away with it nowadays. I mean, people do all the time but also, it’s hard, it’s messy, you have to get your story straight.

It weighs on your conscience and blackens your soul. I’m an anxious mess. That would fuck with me forever. Okay, hi so I’m Black if you guys didn’t know. Hello, hi. I was born and raised as a Baptist Christian, not sure what I am now I guess you would say Spiritual. Anyway, when I was like 9 I was like I want to be Baptized. I solely wanted this because I wanted to eat the little wafers and drink the grape juice every other Sunday. So okay, we do this and during studying for this they’re like if you kill something, ANYTHING, you cannot go to heaven. So I stop…and I turn to my mom and I’m like:

O_O I killed bugs…am I going to hell? And she pauses and she’s like…No, no. Of course not. Another pause Well, I don’t think so…Possibly?

Me: ಡ_ಡ

So imagine me killing somebody and having that weigh on me after having a fit about not going to heaven after squishing a spider.

I am so off topic.

How does somebody execute a perfect murder? Now let’s times that by eight.

Malcolm Kershaw has the career I want.

He runs a mystery bookstore with a cat living in it. Perfection. Years ago, Malcolm compiled a list of the the genre’s most unsolvable murders which he titled “Eight Perfect Murders”.

Malcolm mostly forgets about the list until he is visited by an FBI Agent who informs him that she is looking for information regarding the list because they are eerily similar to a string of recent murders.

Malcolm agrees to help and reveals bits and pieces of himself along the way, nothing is what it seems, and maybe just maybe he is the key to the perfect murder.

This was a fantastic book from start to finish. There was a point near the end where I legit had to put my kindle down and do some deep breathing because I legit was like what the hell is even happening anymore. There are so many twists and turns and I loved every single second of it. This book spoke to me in so so many ways and I loved it.

The writing is fairly simplistic which is fine. with. me. I don’t need overly flowy prose in every single book I read. I love purple prose don’t get me wrong but sometimes I just want it straight and to the point and this is exactly it. I liked the characters, I could envision them perfectly and I liked the fact that no animals were hurt and that might be a mini spoiler but I don’t care I hate reading books with animals in it and cringing thinking they might die lol.

There is talk about molestation. It does not go deep into description but there are mentions of it. That is my only issue with the book. It does happen but I wish that women wouldn’t have to go through sexual abuse for a plot point. That does get wearisome. Also some of the women are basically just describes as bitches and it does get old after awhile. We can do much better than that I think.

This really was a book I didn’t think I would enjoy that much but I did! The twists were genuinely shocking and the end was great and didn’t disappoint me. I’ll have to read the author’s other books as well.

Thank you very much to the publisher and Edelweiss for this copy of my ARC. All opinions are my own.

🔪🔪🔪🔪 4/5

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Expected publication: March 3rd 2020 by William Morrow

9 thoughts on “DRC Review: Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson

  1. I’m such a wimp and can’t seem to get myself to read crime fiction but I’m also oddly OBSESSED with reading reviews about them 😂😂 I WANT to try one someday… but I also want to sleep haha. Anyway… I loved your review! This sounds like a book I would enjoy if I ever got the confidence to read it 😂💙


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