Take Us Back Sunday 9/15

This week has been…a lot.

A lot has been going on in my private life and it’s hard and heavy and I’m just mentally depleted. I have depression and anxiety and with fall and winter coming along it’s just going to get worse. Seasonal depression

I meant to get some things done and go apple picking with Juliet yesterday but she gave me her cold and I ended up in bed with a fever all day. It never fails. Every year I wind up with a fever at some point or another. Last year or the year before it was at Christmas and I was taking care of one of my sisters and that was super fun.

So! This post is just a rundown of the posts I made this week. Super fun for those of ya’ll who missed out, eh?


Goodreads Monday 9/9 – I randomized my Goodreads TBR and it picked a cute LGBT romance that I’m too angry to read atm


Happiness and Friends – My good friend Britt drew me for my blog and soon to be header! It’s coming soon 🙂 My good friend Jess is making it for me. Check out Britt’s work here and commission her! Website / Instagram

Manga Review: Uzumaki by Junji Ito – I wrote about the horror manga Uzumaki which is terrifying but amazing


WWW Wednesday 9/11 – My WWW Wednesday ALSO I now have a newsletter. It is biweekly, BI like me. Please subscribe to it HERE.

Book Review: They All Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire – this book was laughably awful


ARC Review: Nothing Hidden Ever Stays by H.R. Mason – no


Series of the Week: Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer – I want to backhand Artemis yet be his best friend at the same time


Juliet’s Corner: Wow! Weather by Paul Deanno and Toby Mike – For some reason Juliet likes the summer

ARC Review: The Missing Sister by Elle Marr – A fantastic thriller coming out in 2020

And that’s about it!! Hopefully next week won’t be as awful and my cold goes away soon. I have a doctor’s appointment next week so maybe I’ll get some sweet, sweet drugs.

Have a good one everyone 😀

12 thoughts on “Take Us Back Sunday 9/15

  1. I’m really sorry that it’s been a hard week, friend! It’s absolutely okay to take time for you and to take the time you need to recover from such a horrible ordeal. I know you’ve got good support, but if you ever need another ear, I’m here 🙂

    I hope that your next week is better and that your cold gets better (or that you get awesome drugs lol)! Big big panda hugs being sent over the interwebs 🐼🥰🐼🤗🐼

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  2. I thought it was your boss harassing you. Yikes, why do you have to listen to your patients. Next time go to the ward, meet an orthopedic resident, ask him to show you the weights for traction and drop it accidentally on the patient.
    I would refuse to treat such a patient.
    I hope this week treats you kindly…
    I do not know what kind of a medical professional you are. Just a suggestion

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    1. LMAOOOO this is the best advice ever. AND NOPE. a resident!! it was so gross. I hope I never have him again. whenever I see him around the building i feel physically sick.

      lol you are hilarious.


  3. I hope your fever breaks, cold goes away, and things get easier/better for you soon! Also hoping the winter months are shorter than average so your SAD is less severe, I have that too and it’s tough. You’ve nonetheless had a very worthwhile reading/posting week, inspiringly so. 😀

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