Book Review: Dead Letters by Caite Dolan-Leach

Genre: Mystery Thriller

“Paper girl, burn the world.”

There has been a death in the family. The dead has written her last farewells:

Ahoy, Ava! Welcome home, my sweet jet-setting twin! So glad you were able to wrest yourself away from your dazzling life in the City of Light; I hope my death hasn’t interrupted anything too crucial.

The Antipova family is broken and has been for a very long time. It begins with the aging failing familial vineyard which boasted success but never prospered. It branches off into an absent father with a wandering eye whose knack for picking up wives is much better than raising the daughters he already has. These daughters he leaves behind with his wife who is slipping behind the veil of that silent and sleek madness dementia. The twins are capable but they are young and have their own troubles and one night causes it all to break apart and Ava leaves to go to France to get her degree. She leaves and never returns. She doesn’t return until she learns of her twin Zelda’s horrific death. Death? But Zelda is very much alive. She receives message after message from Zelda and Zelda wants her to find her.

This book. This goddamn book whew. The writing is fantastic okay. Caite Dolan-Leach can write her ass off. She makes the most annoying character sound charming and trust, there are a lot of annoying characters. I wanted to smack the hell out of the father in this because who the hell just ups and leaves his sick wife like that?? WHO?

This is very much a novel that will keep you on the edge but will also have you weeping. I cried a lot but on the other hand I cry at a lot of things because I am a huge baby. Dementia is one of those topics that will always hit me hard because my grandmother had it and it just plain sucks. Also being a caretaker for a parent is one of the hardest things in the world…

Ava and Zelda are fascinating characters. Their dynamic was hipster to the core but not in the roll your eyes kind of way. Okay, Ava did make my roll my eyes but I completely adore Zelda. Her name is really cool lmao. Tbh this entire book is like ode to the horror hipster but that’s fine. Ava kept her cool I think. Imagine somebody you think is dead sending you emails and shit. I would be flipping the fuck out. Getting a seance on my phone ASAP.

All in all.It was a really nice read with gorgeous writing and I appreciated it 100%. If you’re looking for a nice mystery with lots of wine drinking look no MORE.

“Thirty minutes later, I’m left with a few wads of cash and a dildo but no more drugs.”

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