Series of the Week: Clue by A.E. Parker (Creator), Eric Weiner

Welcome to Series of the Week! This week went by fast but not fast enough and I work the next 4 days lmao. Yay me, yay money! Honestly…yesterday was a travesty and I need like 5 shots stat.

This week’s series of the week is probably was kick started my love of mysteries. I had a collection of them back in my youth and would beg my mom to go to the library so I could read more. I could never figure out who killed who with what in what room because I was…not that patient.

Have you guessed what it is?

Well, if you haven’t you’re pretty dumb because it’s in the title.

It’s C L U E

The format for these books are simple. Our host and narrator is Mr. Boddy, he introduces us to his six guests and six suspects. They are:

  • Colonel Mustard
  • Professor Plum
  • Mr. Green
  • Mrs. Peacock
  • Miss. Scarlet
  • Mrs. White

With the exception of Mr. Boddy all of these guests are pretty well, murderous and after Mr.Boddy’s wealth and will use any means to get it including killing him. And yes…they will kill him.

Over and over again.

These books are ridiculous but so much fun. It’s up to you to try to solve the murder and with what weapon and in what room. It actually might be simpler now that I’m a grown adult but I am also somewhat (a lot) hopeless.

My favorite character of course was Miss. Scarlet because she’s beautiful, smart, and cunning but I was also partial to Professor Plum because I adore the color purple.

Unfortunately, according to my very reliable sources (Wikipedia), these books are out of print 😦 but you might be able to find them at your library or on ebay! It’s always good for nostalgia and who knows! Maybe one day somebody might be like, hey, let’s reboot these. They’ve done crazier things, right?! Clue is a staple to be fair. We have the movies, the board game, and even a really fun app!. We should get the books back.

Thanks for joining me for another Series of the Week!

Click here to add some MURDER to your life

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