ARC Review: The Widow of Rose House by Diana Biller

She wasn’t going to cry. Not standing in the middle of a haunted house. This wasn’t a gothic novel, after all.

Ah, but my dear, it is. I love when characters are self aware.

Yay! First book review in September 🙂 Happy almost cooler days everyone!


Welcome to Liefduis, perhaps the most haunted house in New York. At that point most people would have the sense to stay far and well away but Alva Webster is determined and also needs money – so of course she is set on restoring Liefduis to its former glory. Besides there’s not such thing as ghosts, people talk and make up ridiculous rumors all the time and she of all people knows that. However when strange occurrences begin happening at the dilapidated mansion and her construction crew bails on her, Alva starts to realize that maybe the stories are true. She is set to clear the name of Lidefuis and get her project off its knees but not alone. She enlists the help of zany well known scientist Samuel Moore and the ghosts of her past, present, and future reveal themselves.

I was fully expecting a gothic ghost book getting into this and it is that to a point but moreso it’s a romantic historical novel laced with some very very VERY descriptive erotica. My god, the terminology I learned. Now, I am very anti romance at the moment so I admit I was not happy to be thrown into this but it was delightful and so sweet. It reminded me of my life currently and the way my period is kicking my ass this time around it made me cry.

Alva is an amazing character. She’s witty, smart, and creative. She has also been through some terrible things with men, a lot that I can definitely relate to. Trigger warning: there is abuse in this novel as well as gas lighting. I’m happy it was talked about so frankly but it was also kind of a shock so if these situations bother you, please tread carefully.

Sam, I think, was my favorite overall. He’s smart as hell, funny, forgetful, and has a big

Brain. You perverts.

He’s great and his family is great. I loved reading about them all but especially the women in his family!! His mom is a scientist and his sister is a wild thing and together they provided so many laughs with the ongoing joke about the explosions they cause and continue to cause in hotels.

“Be outraged. Maybe it can change something.”

My only issue with this book is that the plot and overall ghost story took a heavy backseat to everything else. I felt that this was more about the romance of Alva and Sam which is NOT a bad thing. I get it, I do but I still wish the ghosts were focused on more. Instead it wound up being this entirely predictable plot line with a very predictable outcome. Meh. What can I say ya’ll? I love ghosts more than I love romance. I’m sure my romance lovers will love this though lmao. Don’t worry guys, it’s not scary at all! At least not to my horror obsessed mind.

Overall though, this book is great. It’s funny, smart, cheeky, and the coupling is organic and beautiful. I actually see this as an ongoing series because Alva and Sam are way too good to only be used in one book. Also, want to read more about the Moore family, especially the women.

All in all, I have to give this sassy/sexy book a 3.5/5. Really can’t wait to read more from the author 🙂

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this copy of my ARC.

“Ghost social climber, then.”
“Much closer.”

💜💜💜✨ 3.5/5

Expected publication: October 8th 2019 by St. Martin’s Griffin

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