Goodbye August!!! August Monthly Wrap-Up



the worst month of the year is finally over and we can begin to usher in the greatness of hoodie weather fall. Guys, I am just so over this heat, over the summer, over the drip of sweat on my boobs. UGH. Ready to stay chilly in my over-sized sweaters, leggings, and abundance of pumpskin spice lattes.

So hi, this is yet another wrap up post from yours truly. Just a rundown of all my posts in August and another reminder of why you all love me. You can check out my July Wrap-up here if you feel ever so inclined:

Monthly Wrap-Up: July

A lot of great stuff has happened this month though so I am very happy about that as well. Cheers to the rest of the year.

So…I’ve read around 20-30 books this month lmao. Jesus, I really have no life do I?? This post will be long as I give ya’ll a rundown of my reviews.

Netgalley Reviews

Edelweiss Reviews

Book Reviews

Juliet’s Corner

Series of the Week

Blog Tour

Personal Achievements

  • I hit 100 followers!
  • I started my new job in healthcare πŸ™‚
  • I was finally approved for Edelweiss books
  • I am still here blogging and happily doing so
  • I started writing again

Jesus, this is a long post lmao. My apologies! I hope you all had a fantastic August. Show me your monthly wrap ups!

13 thoughts on “Goodbye August!!! August Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. Amazing post. The format is amazing. Looks like early in the month you were going high and low with reviews, but thankfully you enjoyed the books more near the end. Goodbye August!

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  2. holy fuck! 20-30 books!? 😱 girl you are SLAYING!! wowow. i’m super impressed, especially since you started a new job as well! you’re doing an incredible job doing all of this lol i’m loving the look of your monthly wrap up too 😍 hope your september is cooler and that you continue to read amazing books!

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    1. thank you 😭😭πŸ₯° my job has a lot of down time and it’s part time luckily. it’s weird because i’m so used to reading on my kindle so I have to bring in books LOL it’s an adjustment. tysm dini.


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