Series of the Week: Amelia’s Notebooks by Marissa Moss

Remember Scholastic book fairs at elementary school? Your teacher cutting a lesson early and herding you and your classmates into the blinding white room where mountains and piles, and stacks of books were being sold. The rush, the excitement, the life.

It made me want to just pick a book at random and breathe and EAT its papery goodness. I fucking love book fairs.

This series of the week is one I loved as a child and I’m really irritated in myself for just now remembering the title. It took me extensive search time (5 minutes) but I found it ya’ll. I found it.

When Amelia’s mom gives her a journal for her birthday, she finally has a place to share her truest feelings at last!

Nine-year-old Amelia’s mother gives her a blank notebook to write down her thoughts and tells her it will make her feel better. Why would a dumb notebook make me feel better, Amelia thinks. The only thing that will make Amelia feel better is going back to old house, her old school, and her old friends. Amelia does not—do you hear this!—want to move. But no one is listening to Amelia.

There are so many books in this series which is amazing but I’m sad because I’ve only read the first 3. I can honestly say that these books made me start keeping my own journals in the first place because I wanted to be so much like Amelia. She’s sassy, funny, artistic, and also has an annoying sister. Only difference is I have several annoying sisters.

I can’t say I remember a lot about this series because it has to have been almost 15 years since I read them but I definitely remember enjoying the hell out of them and wishing I was Amelia. Also, I will definitely be repurchasing these for MYSELF. I mean, Juliet too, but let’s be real it’s mainly going to be for me.

Have YOU read Amelia’s Notebooks? Do you love Scholastic Bookfairs as much as I do? Have you tasted the richness of books?

Let me know in the comments below and thanks for coming to another installation of Series of the Week.

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7 thoughts on “Series of the Week: Amelia’s Notebooks by Marissa Moss

  1. Book fairs sound so cute!! ❤ We didn't have them in Aussie. They just sent around this catalogue and I got to have fun circling all of the books I wanted and then struggle to pick only three 😛 I'm glad you finally found this series again though. Sentimental books are the best!

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