Juliet’s Corner: Pinkalicious – The Royal Tea Party by Victoria Kann

Hello, hello we are back for another Saturday of:

Juliet is nocturnal. There, I’ve said it. Lmao she stays up all night on her Ipad playing minecraft and roblox and the child has turned into an owl.

School starts in a week so this is going to be a really fun adjustment! But also at the sme time I can’t be too annoyed since I would do the exact same thing when I was her age. Only it was neopets and gaiaonline.

SO, today Juliet has chosen

Pinkalicious: The Royal Tea Party by Victoria Kann

Can you tell I’m raising a very girly girl? Juliet loves unicorns. Most of her clothes are emblazoned with them and for this year she chose a super cute unicorn backpack. Mermaids, unicorns, and pizza. The ingredients to a Juliet. Big thanks to Julie’s Aunt Rachel for purchasing this book for her birthday!

Juliet’s Q+A

Me: Hello, demon baby. So, why did you choose this book?

Juliet: Because I like tea and unicorns.

Me: I know, you try to steal mine. Are unicorns your favorite?

Juliet: Yeah, I like them. I want to ride a unicorn and they’re so pretty.

Me: They’re super pretty! What was this book about?

Juliet: It’s about a tea party with a unicorn. The unicorn’s name is Goldilicious.

Me: If the unicorn’s name is Goldilicious where does the name Pinkalicious come from?

Juliet: The main character!

Me: Did you like the main character and if so why?

Juliet: I like the crown she’s wearing and she’s nice.

Me: What was the conflict in the story?

Juliet: Peter made the sandwiches and put ice cream in the sandwiches and and goldfish instead of tuna!

Me: Ewww, that doesn’t sound so good. Was it still a good tea party? So would you tell other kids to read this book and did you like this book?

Juliet: Yeah! It was amazing. Yup and yup.

Me: Awesome, what would you rate this book?

Juliet holds up 5 fingers

Me: Yay! Anything to say to your fans?

Juliet: Have a good summer! I want a unicorn.

🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 5/5

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