Juliet’s Corner: Storms By Miriam Busch Goin

Hello, hello happy saturday all! We are back for another edition of

I talked about Juliet’s love for space previously with my ARC Review: Super Cool Space Facts by Bruce Betts. She adores it, loves it, wants to see it up close.

Juliet also has another love and that’s storms. Lol, I cannot tell you the number of times she has been on Youtube and told me to look at a cool cyclone or ask me why we don’t get more hurricanes. She frequents a Youtube channel called Mystery Doug which is fantastic with teaching kids about storms.

For her birthday I asked friends to purchase her books on storms and space which they all obliged to. Her Aunt Mary even purchased her a telescope!!

The choosing of this book comes as no surprise 🙂 And here I am with her interview to share with you all!

Me: Why do you like tornadoes and storms so much?

Juliet: Because they’re interesting but cause destruction which is bad

 Me: Yeah, they do and and they’re so scary.What did you learn about tornadoes in this book? 

Juliet: Over water tornadoes are called waterspouts!

Me: You know nana has seen one of those before when we lived in Virginia Beach! We lived a block away from the ocean, right by the boardwalk and everything. She was on a walk with your aunt and came in scared and dripping wet, She said she saw a cyclone land on the water and get closer and closer. She was sooo scared.

Juliet: Oooooh! That is scary!

Me: It is but also very cool. What’s your favorite kind of storm? And why?

Juliet: A blizzard! I like playing in the snow.

Me laughing: I know you do. What kind of storms do you think Pennsylvania gets?

Juliet: Hmmm, tornado?

Me: Yup, we’ve also had hurricanes, blizzards, hailstorms. We get a lot. So there are people out there who chase storms for a living. Especially tornados . Would you ever want to do anything like that?

Juliet: No, never!!!

Me: I don’t blame you! Would you want to be a meteorologist?

Juliet: No, I want to be a Kindergarten teacher!

Me; I think you’d be perfect for that. Would you tell other kids to read this book? What do you rate it??

Juliet: 5 stars!! Yes Everyone should learn about bad storms more.

Me: You’re so right. Anything to say to your fans?

Juliet: Hi, I love you all! 🙂

What do you think about storms? Any questions for Juliet? I’ll be showing her this post so please let me know in the comments!

🌩️🌩️🌩️🌩️🌩️ 5/5

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14 thoughts on “Juliet’s Corner: Storms By Miriam Busch Goin

    1. thank you!! omg girl I have a HORRIBLE fear of tornadoes. one actually touched down a mile away from my house it was insane. we lived in oklahoma for awhile w her dad and I was always terrified.

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  1. We love you too Juliet!!! Also, I’m with her. I’m obsessed with tornadoes (or maybe just the movie twister) but I don’t want to be near them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Juliet sounds cooler and cooler every single week! I LOVE this interview! I also have a fascination (and healthy fear) of storms of all kinds. The power of a storm is horrifying to watch/witness but I can never seem to take my eyes away. Love this so much! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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