Series of the Week: Welcome to Fear Street

Yeah, we all knew it was coming. My beginning and my end.

So hiiii 😀 Every Friday I like to do a series of the week prompt. Bringing to you some of my favorite series ever and why I think you should indulge in them as well.

And now here we are…onto

Fear Street by R.L. Stine

Of course, most of our first interactions with Stine’s work began with the legendary Goosebumps which still to this day is creepy as all fuck and insanely popular. BUT what’s better than Goosebumps? Teenage Goosebumps where teens get murdered brutally. Hell yeah.

I was submerged in this wonderful world of Fear Street around the age of 12. I’ve told this story before but me and my mom went thrift shopping and bought at least 50 of these beauties for 2 dollars. From then on…I was hooked.

Listen, adult me now LOVES horror, actively seeks it out but young me? Lmaooo. These books opened my eyes and changed my worldview of all things scary. It shaped me into who I am now and pushed me towards writing myself. I wanted to be that person who scares people with words, I still do.

Fear Street is wonderful in which the entire town is displayed throughout all of its books. Everything and everyone is connected. Who might be a main character in one book will show up later in a different one as a side character and you’ll be like oh…they are still around. Stine also has this thing about leaving every chapter on a cliffhanger so you just have to read the book in one sitting. Crafty bastard that he is.

The overall plot of Fear Street is that there is a block of houses that are absolutely haunted and these hauntings manifest all over town. That block’s name? Fear Street. The plots are sometimes ridiculous, the characters immature and annoying but it’s a delight to read. There are spin-offs such as The Cheerleaders, The Horror, and also Super Chillers which are double the size of a regular Fear Street Book. So basically heaven. P.S. do not talk to me about the new books…They are just absolutely not.

What I wouldn’t give for a Netflix series but instead we’re being treated to 3 movies!!! Or we WERE being treated to 3…apparently 2/3 movies got axed because of the recent Disney merger so that sucks.

This is a super long post so I’ll wrap it up. Read these books, enjoy, and let’s head over to Shadyside CT and find some ghosts to haunt us.

Also check out my book club! We’re actually reading a Fear Street book this month. Isn’t life beautiful? Welcome to the Book Parade.

Have you read Fear Street? What are some of your favorite books from the series?

6 thoughts on “Series of the Week: Welcome to Fear Street

  1. Did you ever read the Point Horror series as a kid / early teen? Gosh there was a time when I just inhaled those books every night. Never actually read Goosebumps…think they weren’t around when I was a kid?? Or maybe just hadn’t reached Ireland yet! Great post Amanda :))

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