ARC Review: Crystal Rhythms: Exploring the Energy Potentials of Crystals & Stones by Kate O’Dell

this is my own collection of crystals and sage 🙂

My mother had a stroke when I was 18 years old and in the aftermath my aunts brought in crystals not to heal her physically but mentally and emotionally. I didn’t realize until later that it had many effects on me as well as I stayed with her in the hospital during her two month stay and became her primary caregiver for years to come. That was the beginning of my relationship with crystals and it has since continued.

This book is wonderful, it’s simplistic and funny and it really taught me a lot from the different type of crystals and their attributes to the cleansing and care of them. I learned a lot of useful tidbits on what to do after they break (crystal bath?! fancy ooh la la). 

The author also goes into aura reading and chakras which I’ve also been interested in as well.

I do like how she specifies that crystals aren’t intended to take place as a doctor and you should always seek medical treatment because that needs to be stated. I still love crystals and spellwork and magic thanks to my best friend Mary 🙂 We often wander our local metaphysical store for hours and it’s so blissful and relaxing especially when you’re stressed or have crazy anxiety like me.

Crystals are a welcoming, beautiful balance that can uplift the spirits and now I have a deeper understand of what kind I need and how to use them thanks to this nifty book.

Thank you very much to Netgalley and the publisher for this Arc. All opinions are my own. Namaste.

 💜   💜   💜   💜  4/5

Expected publication: September 28th 2019 by Red Feather

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