Book Review: Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The world was all gray, not a hint of color to it.

There are books that leave you with a certain feeling after you’ve read the last line and I think the closest word to describe how I felt after reading Gods of Jade and Shadow is akin to shock. Going into it I knew already just judging by the cover that I was in for something special and I wasn’t wrong at all. I am not a fantasy fan, I feel as though my attention span cannot handle it and that I’m too dumb to take it all in but as soon as I started reading I fell in love with Casiopea and as soon as that bone shard pierced her arm and Hun-Kame came out of the chest, I was HOOKED.

We are on a quest with a Mayan God. After unleashing him from capitivity after years of “slumber” where he was kept chained by his own brother, Casiopea and the God Hun-Kame travel and meet various Mayan demons and sorcerers, witches and tricksters, for the ultimate showdown that will result in death or victory.


This is a love story wrapped in mythos and I loved it so much. My only issue is that some of the pacing seemed off to me but that is so insignificant compared to the beauty of the writing of this book. The descriptions are enchanting and the mythology behind everything really shines and I am so interested in learning even more about Mayan mythology. I’ve heard of Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s work before and she is definitely somebody who has immense talent and breathes life into all of her characters even those who you are meant to hate.

“The things you name grow in power.”

I’ve waited to read this book since the beginning of the year and it was well worth the wait. So my final thoughts! Gods of Jade and Shadow was funny, beautiful, haunting, and AMAZING.

 💜  💜  💜  💜 4/5

“Well, now I have a god by my side.”
“Just watch how you speak to me, stone maiden” he said, pointing at her.

9 thoughts on “Book Review: Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

  1. Awesome review 😍I’ve heard some mixed reviews about this one but I love the idea of a book on Mayan mythology. I don’t think I’ve read many based on it but I’m always intrigued to learn more! I was toying with adding this to my TBR just based on the cover alone (lol) but now I’m definitely adding it and hopefully will be reading it soon!

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