ARC Review: Pretty Guilty Women by Gina LaManna

Note: I posted this on Goodreads weeks ago and am now just posting it on my blog as requested by the publisher 😀

I’m in a mood today. I had vacation last week so you can just imagine the mood I was at work THIS week dealing with fun customers demanding their donuts and frosted cakes 🙂

What I wouldn’t give for a massage…I thought as a child licked the dirty glass containing butter cookies.
Oh god, I would kill for some drinks on the beach, I salivated as a woman screamed at me over the phone furious that we would not open the shop on Sunday for her and only her.

When I realized that the setting of this book was at a spa resort I was so content and envious!! How divine. And the fact that we’re throwing murder and drinks and some fun characters into the mix?! Buddy, I’m all in.

Okay, from the start that book grabbed me. I loved the interview talking head bits. They were dramatic and funny as hell. The scenery was relaxing and if I ever get married (again) I don’t think I’d have a week long spa retreat but that definitely sounds nice. Hell, my 30th is fast approaching so I just might do it up for THAT.

We have a main gang of four women. Four women who confess to a murder. This story centers around a wedding but funnily enough although you hear a lot about the bride, we don’t meet her. Nope. She’s not even the main character which I really love. I have to say I really did love all four of the women. Lulu, Ginger, Kate, and Emily. They equally were great and equally got on my nerves but that’s okay. That’s also human. Out of all of them I have to say that Kate and Ginger are my favorites. Ginger is the mom of the group with 3 kids and Kate is the kick ass lawyer who is dealing with a shit man. 

To be fair, I think the book made a good point and spread a great message. And that is that men are shit. How can we argue with this? Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun summer thriller that made me excited to find out what the hell was going on. I did feel as though there were a few loose ends? But maybe that was just me missing a few things? I also wanted to see more *cough* revenge for one character in particular. But she wound up very happy in the end so maybe I am just feeling very bloodthirsty this week as well.

 💜  💜  💜  💜 4/5

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this title. All opinions are my own.

Expected publication: September 3rd 2019 by Sourcebooks Landmark

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6 thoughts on “ARC Review: Pretty Guilty Women by Gina LaManna

  1. You find such beautiful pics to decorate your reviews! Anyway this book sounds great, I love thrillers with numerous main characters.

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