Book Mobile feat Nostalgia

I want to dedicate this post to my family’s beautiful cat Kana who we had to put down today. We’re all so terribly upset and I honestly have cried so much today. She was a gorgeous cat who took no shit and who we spoiled to the very end. We love you, Kana and we’ll miss you.

I’m very lucky and happy that my daughter goes to a great school district where they continue to do great activities that benefit so many kids. 

This summer they teamed up with the School Summer’s Free Lunch Program and are distributing free books for two days this week! The  first location is literally walking distance from my house so of course I had to take my daughter.

I meant to take more pictures but it is Satan degrees outside and it was not air conditioned lmao.

I guess the woman thought I was Juliet’s sister or a teen mom because she tried to steer me towards the high school books and I totally would have taken a free book for myself but I want there to be enough for everyone lmao.

Guys, I legit gasped when I saw Nancy Drew and THE BAILEY SCHOOL KIDS I HAD NO IDEA THEY STILL MADE THEM.

Juliet ended up picking a book called Gnawing Around by Marcie Colleen. It’s a part of the Super Happy Party Bears series. It reminds me sooo much of Adventure Time lol. All in all, a good book day for my big girl! She saw one of her friends too and they were so happy to see one another.

I would love to see more book mobiles out in the wild. Hunting us down like the hungry readers we are haha.

5 thoughts on “Book Mobile feat Nostalgia

  1. I’m sorry about your cat. 😢 I’ve had to put one down before and its just awful.

    That’s cool that that they had books for kids to pick from!

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    1. thank you so much. we’ve had her for over ten years 😔 since I was in high school! so happy she’s no longer in pain but we are going to miss her so very much.

      it was really really cool. so many kids were there which made me so happy 🥰

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      1. Yeah, I understand. It’s a happy/sad time.

        Books are so important and it’s awesome kids are excited to read!


  2. I’m so sorry about your lovely cat Amanda ❤ Losing a pet is a deeply emotional and traumatic experience so I'm sending you all the love and hugs ❤

    It's so nice that you had that lovely book mobile to bring your daughter too. It sounds like a great place for us book lovers

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    1. it’s devastating. we weren’t expecting it so happy so suddenly 😔 she survived two surgeries for her illness to return. i’m so glad she’s no longer in pain but we will miss her so very much. thank you very very much.

      it was fantastic and so much fun. I wish they had more of these around I would definitely be a regular customer.

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