Top Ten Tuesdays: Settings In Books I Would Like To See More Of

I’m super tired today and I think they might be caused by the shots I had to get for my pre employment. I’m like so not in the mood to read which isn’t me. Also mildly depressed due to things going on in my life, but I’ll get through it 🙂

Saw this going around and thought why not? I don’t have the means to travel as of now but would love to when I have some time. This weekly meme is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and the prompt for this week is: settings I’d like to see more of.

When you don’t have the money to or are unable to travel physically books do that for us and that’s why they are so wonderful .

So here’s my list:

10. New Orleans. I just love a good New Orleans read. I’ve been obsessed with that city ever since I was young and I have no idea why. I just am. Poppy Z. Brite’s books are all set there and they are my favorite ever.

9. A K-drama set. Anybody who knows me and loves me knows I am OBSESSED with korean dramas. I just…I want to read a book about one so bad. Just please.

8. HAUNTED CASTLES. I don’t have to say more just give me.

7. Scotland. I love reading chick lits set in Scotland especially. Something about them just make me so warm and fuzzy. It’s why I love reading Jenny Colgan’s books.

6. Cabins. Cabins but make it murdery. I just…love murder mysteries set in the middle of nowhere. Hand me a cup of tea with thunder brewing in the back and I’m good.

5. Under the sea/the middle of the sea. I want to read more about some creepy, crawly scary monsters. Into the Drowning Deep makes me crave more.

4. Abandoned hospitals. I love found footage movies…and the best ones are in this setting honestly. P.S. WATCH Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

3. Singapore. I loved reading about Singapore in Crazy Rich Asians. I would love to read more about the culture.

2. Hogwarts. Need I say more?

1. Japan. NEED I SAY MORE?

🙂 What are some of the places you would like to see more in books? And what’d you think of my fab list?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: Settings In Books I Would Like To See More Of

  1. Omg, New Orleans and Scotland also made it onto my list! I love Edinburgh so much and I don’t know why I have this obsession with New Orleans but I do. I want to go there so bad! Also, waah, abandoned hospitals!? 😂Sounds like my wildest nightmare? Haha
    But much yes to the under the sea setting and Hogwarts though! I’d just love to eat at one Christmas feast at Hogwarts. My life would be made 😍

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    1. ever since I was little i’ve had this obsession with new orleans lmao I have no idea why so I completely get you it seems like such a beautiful place with a mixture of culture.

      LOL I love scary things sooo much. and ugh…I just want talking fish and mermaids. and I know right!! that would be amazing.

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  2. This is such a cool idea for a post! Beautiful pics. ❤ I wish there were more translated Korean books, especially fluffy romances. The only book I know of that has anything to do with kdramas is I Believe In A Thing Called Love by Maureen Goo where the main character is a huge fan of kdramas, haven't read it yet though. 😀

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    1. exactly!! I know a lot of korean dramas were adapted from books but not many are translated. and yeees omg I have that on my tbr but I haven’t gotten around to reading it either.

      thank you 💜

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