Juliet’s Corner: Fractured Fairy Tales by Juliet Lily

My daughter would pick the story she wrote for the first installment of her blog series but…who am I to say no?

In her first grade class they each wrote a story about fairy tales and we parents bought the books. I had to buy the deluxe edition ofc. Best purchase of my life. This kind of turned into my first author interview as well so enjoy!

Author Interview With Juliet Lily

Me: What did you like about the story overall? How did it make you feel?

Juliet: A gingerbread man ran away from a fox and didn’t want to get eaten. I liked the story but it scared me.

Me: That’s really cute and interesting. Why did you write this?

Juliet: Because I like gingerbread men.

Me: What do you like about gingerbread men.

Juliet: They’re yummy to eat.

Me: What about the fox? Was the fox a bad guy?

Juliet: Yeah, he’s bad.

Me: Did the gingerbread man live happily ever after?

Juliet: Yeah, in his gingerbread home.

Me: Wow! I’m glad. Did you draw all of this too? It’s amazing. You’re a good artist.

Juliet: Thank you. I like to draw

Join us next Saturday for another installment of Juliet’s Corner!!

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