Mellow Monday Musings

Thank god I don’t work Mondays because they are truly cursed days. Depression is stabbing at my brain today so I’ve been taking it very chill today and just relaxing and tending to my garden and watching anime. I’m fine, it’s just been a wicked weird summer.

Its Young Adult Week so I thought it would be nice to just read and review YA this week.

Honestly? I’m not the biggest fan of young adult and I am trying to change that. Same with fantasy! I kind of get in a weird mindset and those fantastical worlds and names and laws give me an anxiety attack. Yes, THATS how wound up I am.

Anyway, I’m currently hunting down some cool looking young adult stuff to read so if anybody has any recs, let me know! And the anime I’m watching…??

The best scene ever

Haikyuu! I…love it? My mom was a beast volleyball player. Wish I could watch it with her.

Have a great day all!

Stay cool.

2 thoughts on “Mellow Monday Musings

  1. Welcome to the NHK is my recommendation. I relate way too much to that anime.

    And mondays are very rough. That monday feeling was my weekend. Hopefully the rest of the week gets better.


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