ARC Review: The Little Bookshop at Herring Cove by Kellie Hailes

I don’t read much romance. Especially not recently since I just had a terrible breakup and I am very anti love and romance at the moment but this book and these cute people broke me…It’s like when I watch a Korean drama and the tension gets too heavy that I have to look away. 

At the root of it and this novel, romance is about hope. 

Sophie Jones lives at Herring Cove a lovely, sleepy seaside village located near London. She runs an old bookstore that has been in her family for generations and things…Well, things aren’t looking great for Sophie and the business financially. 

Alexander Fletcher is the son and heir to the Fletcher Group. A company that builds on fabulous locations like Herring Cove and transforms them into into destination resorts. Alex is sent to the village to get permission and offer each landowner a lot of money to begin construction but faces resistance when he meets Sophie. Sparks and hammers fly.

This was a cute romantic summer read which had the right amount of awws and laughs. Alex and Sophie are adorable and you genuinely felt the connection they had. The rich boy, poor girl cliche has been used to death but I liked how self sufficient Sophie was.

All in all this was a pretty cute book that serves as a fun beach read. Thanks very much to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC. 

💜 💜 💜 ✨ 3.5 star rating 🙂

Add it to your next read here: The Little Bookshop At Herring Cove

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