Book Review: The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

Witches. Curses. Seaside town setting.
Um, hello??? Was this book WRITTEN FOR MY AESTHETIC OR WHAT?
I run an online book club and we read two books a month based on the genre. This month’s genre is beach reads. Any book involving a body of water actually. I voted for this so I was really happy it won alongside Girl’s Night Out by Liz Fenton (which you should also read).

Sparrow is a seaside town in Oregon with a very dark past. Over a hundred years ago the residents threw three women, the Swan sisters, accused of witchcraft into the water weighted down by rocks and drowned them. Every summer solstice they rise from the watery depths and inhabit teenaged girls and women the drownings of boys begin.

The Wicked Deep is dark. It deals with death, grief, and of course the murder of innocent women and youth. It also combines the subtle spellbinding of magic. The entire town believes in the curse because who the hell wouldn’t after all these years of people drowning year after year? I’m kind of glad for that honestly. I’m a person who believes magic and curses are everywhere, it’s up to you to decipher what to make of it.

Our main character Penny Talbot lives on the island separate from Sparrow and has lost her father to the sea years ago which has made her mother lose her mind. Penny is a loner and sees the celebrations of the upcoming solstice known as the Swan festival as dangerous because she knows what’s to come and when an outside arrives looking for work on her family’s lighthouse she knows nothing good can come from it.

This book is beautifully written. I loved the story of the Swan sisters as devastating as it was. It is ironic that they were brought back by magic even though while living they never practiced it. Although in a way perhaps vengeance strong enough can conjure the most darkest of curses.

I thought I saw through the twist but I still dropped my kindle on my face when I got to it and reread it again and again. Totally was not prepared for it at all.

This is a great book to read if you want to be enchanted, scared, and lulled away to a somber seaside village haunted by sirens. It even left me craving petit fours.

💜  💜  💜  💜  💜  5/5 rating

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