ARC Review: A Summer to Remember by Victoria Cooke

I am no stranger to grief and although I have never lost a partner, I have lost close family members and it cripples you and defines your life for years to come and nothing but time heals.
I related to the protagonist Sam so much that even at her most stubborn, MOST frustrating, I could not stay mad at her. This was not your average light at heart chick lit, romance. This was a book where the main character is dealing with the loss of the love of her life in the most tragic of ways and is punishing herself for his death by forfeiting any love and happiness in her life. Of course she faces obstacles in that department when her job temporaily transfers her to Boston and she meets a man she likes.

This book was hair pulling but beautiful at the same time. Sam is a complex character and you want to yell at her, tell her to stop doing these things and sabotaging herself but at the same time you get it. She’s hurting. Grief isn’t something that somebody just snaps out of. My therapist told me that if it still hurts than you are grieving and that is the realest thing that anybody has ever told me. Life isn’t something so minisucle that you snap away (haha) it’s a life and people mean a lot to us.

This book made me want to travel to Boston and Provincetown as well! I am TERRIFIED of whales but the way the author played up whale watching sounded gorgeous and uh, hello? I am from Long Island, I grew up on seafood. I’m ready to book my trip now.

What I loved most though was the friendship. From London to Provincetown. Harry and Barney were amazing friends who also took NO shit from Sam. Lexi was adorable and reminds me of my very talkative 7 year old. Bridget is that friend that supports you but is also like girl, get it together. This is a lovely book. And I admit, I haven’t read chick lit for awhile. I just had a rocky breakup, I wasn’t ready for ANY romance. I’ve been sticking to murder mysteries and thrillers. But this was lovely and I’m back on my romance.

Thanks very much to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC.

 πŸ’œ  πŸ’œ  πŸ’œ  πŸ’œ  πŸ’œ 5/5

Add it to your next read here: A Summer to Remember

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